12 Craft Toys and Treats You Can Sew for Your Cat

Handmade toys and treats for your cat have a personal touch to them. Fun and colorful toys keep your pet busy and cozy depending on what they’re made to accomplish in your furry friend’s life. Is there a better way to show your pets how much you love them?

Whether your cat loves to nibble on new treats, pounce and play, or enjoys napping most time of the day, you can keep your friend happy with a fun craft treat or toy. Free sewing patterns can create amazing crafts that’ll leave a smile on you and your cat pet.

There are quite a few interesting cat crafts and DIYs you can do cozy-up your space, add to your kitty’s playhouse or litter box, or amplify her playtime. Most of them are easy to make, and you can always start with a small project to see how it goes!

Here are 12 ideas for cat toys you can sew:

  1. Catnip-filled Mice: Create small mouse-shaped toys and fill them with catnip for added excitement. You can use colorful fabric and add some crinkly material inside for extra sensory stimulation.
  2. Feathered Wand Toy: Sew a small fabric square onto the end of a stick and attach feathers to it. Cats love to chase and bat at feathered toys.
  3. Fish-shaped Kick Toy: Sew a fish-shaped plush toy and fill it with catnip. Make it long enough for your cat to kick and bite, satisfying their natural instincts.
  4. Felt Ball Track Toy: Sew a circular track with slots for inserting felt balls. Your cat can bat the balls around the track for hours of interactive play.
  5. Scrappy Cat Quilt: Sew together fabric scraps to create a small quilt or mat. Add some hidden pockets for treats to make it a scavenger hunt for your cat.
  6. Interactive Puzzle Toy: Create a fabric puzzle by sewing small pockets and hiding treats inside. This encourages your cat to explore and use their problem-solving skills.
  7. Hanging Catnip Sachets: Make small sachets filled with catnip and hang them from a string or elastic. Your cat can bat at them, giving them a fragrant and playful experience.
  8. Tunnel Toy: Sew a simple tunnel using durable fabric. You can add crinkly material inside for extra appeal. This provides a great hiding and pouncing spot for your cat.
  9. Catnip Sock Snake: Fill a sock with catnip and sew the open end. Attach buttons or felt pieces for eyes and create a snake-like toy for your cat to wrestle with.
  10. Laser Dot Pillow: Sew a small pillow with reflective fabric or add glow-in-the-dark elements. Shine a laser pointer on it for your cat to chase the moving dot.
  11. Bell-filled Fabric Balls: Create small fabric balls, filling them with bells. These jingling toys will catch your cat’s attention and keep them engaged.
  12. Crinkle Bag: Sew a small bag using crinkly material (such as mylar) and add some catnip inside. Cats love the sound of crinkling, and they can bat and roll the bag around.

Always ensure that the materials used are safe for your cat, and supervise playtime to prevent any accidents.

A few honorable mentions that are not toys (you’ll have so much fun making them nonetheless!):

A T-shirt cat tent

Use an old T-shirt to create a DIY cat tent for your pet. Get a few wire hangers to give the old T-shirt tent some shape as you create it. Your tee’s neck hole is perfect for making a tent doorway. Make sure that the tee you pick for the tent matches or complements your interior décor.

A bow tie

You’ll love to see your cat in a bow tie if you enjoy dressing your feline. A patterned cat bow tie features an attractive sewing pattern to make it attractive and functional.

Choose a fabric that complements your cat’s coat and improves your interior décor. Even if you lack basic sewing skills, you can easily learn to sew this beautiful accessory for your kitty. Doing it yourself gives it a personal touch.

A hammock

Flip a small end table to use as a base for creating a hammock for your cat if you aren’t hands-on. Secure a plush hand towel or two onto the four legs of the end table. Use hooks to secure the towels onto the posts.

Use grommets to reinforce the towels for a sturdy cat hammock accessory. Make the hammock tow-story using a matching bath mat that you can place on the ground level. This gives your cat the choice of resting on the mat or hammock as she desires.

A DIY cat collar

A pet collar can be both adorable and functional. Choose a desirable pattern for the cat collar to make one in multiple colors for eye appeal. Pick floral colors for the fabric you want to use on the cat collar.

Include an adjustable strap for a perfect fit when using the collar on your cat. Make sure your kitty’s ID tag is on the collar for easy identification in case she gets lost.

A party hat for your feline

If you’re planning an adoptive anniversary or birthday for your cat, opt for a party hat for your friend. A festive party hat is easy to make and can last longer if you decide to use a strong fabric to line up the paper underneath.

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