How to Make an Adorable Felt Bookmark

When the days are getting that bit shorter and the nights feel chillier than usual, there’s never been a better time than to snuggle up in the evening with a mug of hot cocoa and a good book! Make sure you don’t lose your page by making this lovely felt heart bookmark.

This neat little page marker slots onto the corner of the page, so you can easily find your spot next time you get cozy up with your paper pal! You can create whatever shape you please and if you have multiple colors of felt or pretty threads, you could even personalize your page marker with a picture or your initials.

Tools & Materials

Step 1

Create a heart shaped template using the corner of a piece of card or paper – you want a perfect right angle so your bookmark will fit into the corner of the page.

Step 2

Draw around the template onto the corner of your felt. We used a white gel pen, but you could use tailor’s chalk, a Sharpie or even a pencil – just make sure that it isn’t going to stand out too much and ruin your design.

Step 3

You can cut both hearts out at the same time if you pin together the felt, with two corners matched up. Once you have both hearts, you will want to turn the side with any pen marks to the inside.

Step 4

We decided to glue some sparkly sequins to one of the hearts, which will be the “front” of the bookmark – you could do this before or after sewing the hearts together, just make sure to let the glue dry.

Step 5

Use a blanket stitch to sew around the point of the heart – don’t forget that you need the top of the heart open to slot onto your book pages.

Tuck any loose ends of your thread inside the heart pocket and voila, you have a cute heart page marker fit for all of your favorite books!

You could use this beaded blanket stitch tutorial if you wanted to jazz up your bookmark even more.

This simple craft would be a great gift for the book lovers in your life and would also be perfect as an add on item to sell at a craft fair. Experiment with various shapes and colors to really make this bookmark personal to you (or the intended recipient)! You could even use leather if you wanted to make something a little more sophisticated and sturdy.

Let your imagination run free and be sure to tag us on our socials with your own crafty creations!


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