Different Kinds of Sewing Needles

You need to use the right needle for each fabric. Some needles are suited to some types of fabric, while others work better on specific machines. There are different types of fabrics, machine types, and stitching tops, each requiring its sewing needle.

The ballpoint needle is ideal for stretch fabrics and knitting. It has a rounded tip different from the sharp ones. The rounded tip is ideal for penetrating yarns of the fabric. It has a size ranging from 9 to 16, with the diameter increasing with size.

  • Quilting Point Needle

This is a needle that you can use to create different types of fabric layers. It has a trap point that will not damage your fabric when you are sewing. Moreover, it’s hard, small, and lightweight. The size ranges from 9 to 12, although you can find smaller ones.

  • Regular Point Needles

Because it works with embroidery clothes, linen, or cotton, the regular points needles shouldn’t miss in your toolkit. They are ideal because you can use them for fabric stitching. People prefer them because they don’t damage your fabric or harm it in any way.

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