Elegant Ribbon Cross Headband or Clip

Post by Deanna McCool

Eggs and bunnies and carrots….oh my.

I couldn’t decide what type of ribbon craft to make for Easter.

Then I remembered the reason for the season.

Yes, of course you know.

It’s Jesus.

I respect all different religions…and not only because I’m part of an extended family with diverse religious views. In our house, we’re Catholic, and this week is one of the most important weeks on the religious calendar. From now through the Easter vigil is a very somber time of remembrance. Remembering the life of Jesus – His death – and resurrection.

In fact, we don’t even say the word “Hallelujah” until the special Mass on Saturday night, where new members are baptized and become confirmed in the Catholic Church. I was one of those members confirmed 18 years ago, and the Vigil Mass is still very moving for me.

So, sure…Jesus is the reason for the celebration.


…a ribbon sculpture of Jesus would look a little, um….unflattering.

So I designed this ribbon cross. Your little one can wear it on a clip or headband through the rest of the Easter season…and of course, on Sundays!

What you’ll need

*15in (38 cm) of 1/4in (6mm)-wide yellow grosgrain ribbon, available through my sponsor, The Ribbon Retreat.
* A button or other type of center for your cross
* Scissors, pencil and ruler
* Hot glue gun and glue inserts
* Lighter or wood burning tool for sealing the ends of the ribbon
* Barrette, clip or headband to mount the cross to, also available through my sponsor, The Ribbon Retreat.

Ribbon cross tutorial

Seal one of the ends of your ribbon, then mark 4in (10cm) from the end you’ve sealed (below).

Form a narrow loop that meets at the mark you’ve just made. You’ll make a half-twist with your ribbon so the loop isn’t flat – in fact, all loops will be made this way, okay?

Glue with your hot glue gun.

(easy, right?)

Now, make a second loop on the top, about 1in (2.5cm) “tall.” Keep this loop narrow as well.

Next, fold the long tail up, making a 45-degree crease before making another loop (top right photo, below). Then make a loop to the left that’s about the same length as the top loop, and glue.

Finally, make a similar loop to the right, and glue in place. Trim the rest of the ribbon and seal the end.

Top the center of your cross by gluing on a button – plain or fancy, whatever your mood!

To wear the cross, glue it to a headband, barrette, or clip for your little one – or add to a pinback and wear it yourself! My daughter is fond of headbands lately (because she can style her hair by herself with them), so I glued my cross on a narrow headband. In addition to adding glue to the center back of the ribbon cross, I also glued down the tops of the loops to the headband so the cross would be extra secure.

 Simple, wasn’t it? And I know she’ll love wearing this to church.

Thanks so much to The Ribbon Retreat for sponsoring this post…and seriously, the shop has all KINDS of ribbon and hardware (and fabric, too!). If you’re a ribbon-and-fabric-aholic like I am,  please stop by if you haven’t already.

Oh, and if you enjoyed this tutorial, you’ll also like to make this ribbon flower headband!

Happy Easter!

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